Delve into the design world of Tokolo Asao, creator of the emblem for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with this virtual exhibition.  

Exploring the virtual exhibition

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About Tokolo Asao [Connect]

Tokolo Asao's patterns are created based on simple geometric patterns and he applies the same principles to his three-dimensional works. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games brought him to the world’s attention, when his graphic art Harmonised Chequered Emblem was chosen for the Olympic and Paralympic emblems.

This exhibition, originally held in Japan House London from July – November 2021, shows a sample of Tokolo’s work from the past 20 years, all with the characteristic of ‘connection’. His collaborations with skilled craftspeople in a variety of media include lacquer, porcelain from Arita and Edo kiriko cut glass from Tokyo. Throughout, the colour ai – Japanese indigo – is evident, a durable and weather-resistant colour which stays true over time.

With his energy and exuberance, Tokolo connects different disciplines, places, people he meets, 2-D and 3-D, mathematics and material, abstract and specific. Amid this rich complexity, he reveals beautiful harmonies, through logic, observation, experiments, and the intuition of a true artist.

Tokolo has been a lecturer at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering since 2016 and the University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences since 2018.