Grand Sumo Highlights March 2023 Lead Image

GRAND SUMO Highlights at Japan House London

Grand Sumo Highlights March 2023 Lead Image

Follow the action and experience the excitement of the March 2023 Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka with a daily screening of NHK WORLD-JAPAN's GRAND SUMO Highlights at Japan House London.

Taking place 6 times a year, Grand Sumo Tournaments are held for 15 straight days and feature the top rikishi (wrestlers) competing in the ring for the prized Emperor’s Cup.

Broadcast in English by NHK WORLD-JAPAN, GRAND SUMO Highlights takes you ringside with play-by-play commentary on the day’s action and background information on this sport which originated in Japan and boasts a history of more than 1500 years.

Find out more on the GRAND SUMO Highlights page of the NHK WORLD-JAPAN website.


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