JR East Booth D POP UP Installation JRE Vending matchine

Connecting Japan – East Japan Railway Company (JR-East)

JR East Booth D POP UP Installation JRE Vending matchine

This rail-themed booth display is complete with a working Japanese station vending machine, dispensing a variety of regional drinks and snacks. The display also features a model Series E5 Shinkansen (bullet train) alongside other rail-themed items.

Jidōhanbaiki (Vending Machine)

There are an estimated 4.14 million jidōhanbaiki (vending machines) in Japan, which equates to one for every 30 people in the country. This is by far the highest ratio of any nation in the world, making vending machines a common sight, in rural areas as well as towns and cities. Machines offer not only a wide selection of food and drinks, but sometimes other conveniences such as white shirts for office workers, freshly cut flowers, and umbrellas, satisfying a huge range of day-to-day needs. 

The JR-East vending machine at Japan House London offers visitors a chance to try a variety of Japanese products made from regional produce, including apple snacks and drinks from the apple-growing prefecture of Aomori, sweet potato chips from Ibaraki and mandarin mochi from Nagano. The machine also contains ochoko (sake cups) in porcelain, copper and stainless steel, each intricately embellished with bullet train designs. 


JR-East was established in 1987 following the privatization of Japanese National Railways. Today, JR-East remains one of the largest passenger railway companies in the world, transporting 14 million passengers on 11,883 train services every day. With a network length of 7,401km, comprising urban and regional services as well as several leisure-focused routes, JR-East also operates a five-route Shinkansen network between Tokyo and other major cities in eastern Honshu, the largest of Japan’s four main islands.