Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration and Display

Sōgetsu Ikebana Demonstration & Display

Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration and Display

Open your mind to the beauty and creative possibilities of ikebana with a demonstration at Japan House London led by Shōko Koizumi-Hanson, a London-based teacher of the Sōgetsu School.

Ikebana, often translated as ‘giving life to flowers’, is the Japanese art of floral design, also known as kadō (lit. ‘the way of flowers’).

Since its early origins, over 500 years ago, ikebana has evolved into many different schools, each with their own distinctive philosophy.

Known as an open-minded and avant-garde school, Sōgetsu was founded in 1927 by Teshigahara Sōfū. Sōfū wanted to introduce more creativity and individual expression into ikebana at a time when it was believed that to practice ikebana meant to follow established forms. A central idea is that anyone can enjoy Sōgetsu ikebana anytime, anywhere using any materials. Arrangements reflect the personality and aesthetic awareness of the arranger and express the spirit of the moment.

During the demonstration, Koizumi-Hanson gives an introduction to Sōgetsu ikebana and its core creed of ‘anytime, anywhere, by anyone’ while creating a selection of floral arrangements. Guests are encouraged to ask questions during the demonstration.

After the demonstration, the arrangements will remain on display in the Ground Floor Shop for visitors to enjoy until the following Sunday 28 August. 

About the speaker

Shōko Koizumi-Hanson

Shōko Koizumi-Hanson is a London-based teacher of the Sōgetsu School of Ikebana who has been actively teaching and giving demonstrations of Sōgetsu in the UK for over 10 years. She is a certified Sōgetsu instructor with Teacher’s Diploma 1st Grade Jōnin Sōmu. She is a member of the Sōgetsu Teacher’s Association (STA), the London Chapter of Ikebana International and she is a Former Director of the Sōgetsu School of Ikebana London Branch.