Kokeshi Painting Experience from Miyagi Prefecture

Kokeshi Colouring Experience from Miyagi Prefecture

Kokeshi Painting Experience from Miyagi Prefecture

These workshops are now fully booked

Experience a craft tradition from Miyagi Prefecture by colouring your own kokeshi doll in this workshop held as part of TŌHOKU 3.11 Forward to the Future, a series of events and displays exploring the recovery of the Tōhoku region of north-eastern Japan.

Kokeshi are painted wooden dolls that originate from the Tōhoku region. These dolls are thought to have been first made as souvenirs for children in hot spring villages around the end of the Edo period (1603-1868 CE).

Miyagi Prefecture is known for five styles of kokeshi: Naruko Kokeshi, Togatta Kokeshi, Yajiro Kokeshi, Sakunami Kokeshi and Hijiori Kokeshi. The craft of making each type has been passed down over the years by local craftspeople, and the beauty and distinctive shapes and patterns of these dolls are still enjoyed today.

During the workshops, guests can colour their own kokeshi doll which they will be able to take home.

Booking tickets

*These workshops are now all fully booked. Please see our What's On page for other events to enjoy at Japan House London.


Workshop sessions

Saturday 5 March 12:00-12:30, 15:00-15:30

Sunday 6 March 17:00-17:30

Monday 7 March 15:00-15:30

Tuesday 8 March 16:00-16:30

Wednesday 9 March 17:00-17:30

Thursday 10 March 18:00-18:30

Friday 11 March 15:00-15:30

Saturday 12 March 15:00-15:30

Sunday 13 March 17:00-17:30

This workshop is held as part of TŌHOKU 3.11 Forward to the Future, a week-long series of displays, tastings, talks and workshops exploring the region’s recovery, taking place at Japan House London in collaboration with Japan’s Reconstruction Agency.