Japanese Sake Breweries Virtual Visits to Japan and Sampling Sessions

Japanese Sake Breweries: Virtual Visits to Japan & Sampling Sessions

Japanese Sake Breweries Virtual Visits to Japan and Sampling Sessions

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Sake tourism is a new way to experience Japan through visits to sake breweries and interacting directly with brewers while tasting their craft sake. While exploring the areas where sake gets processed and brewed it is also possible to try local cuisine and enjoy the richness of regional cultures along the way.

In this series of events at Japan House London held in collaboration with Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA), guests can experience sake tourism through a display of different seasonal varieties of sake, virtual brewery visits and special sake tastings.

Display and Tasting Sessions

The display introduces sake tourism in Yamagata, Saga and Gunma Prefectures, exploring the distinctive features of each region and offering samples of their signature sake by a variety of featured local craft breweries. 

Booking tickets

All of these sessions are now fully booked.

Saturday 19 March

(6 sessions from 13:00 to 17:15) 

Fully booked

Sunday 20 March

(4 sessions from 13:00 to 15:15)

Fully booked


Visitors to the display are able to try samples of the following nine sake: 

Tendo, Yamagata Sake Brewery Tourism, Yamagata Prefecture
  • Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjō Ichiro by Dewazakura Sake Brewery
  • Yamagata Masamune Inazo by Mitobe Sake Brewery 
Kashima Sakagura Tourism, Saga Prefecture
  • Sachihime Junmai Ginjō Namagenshu by Sachihime Shuzou Brewery
  • Azumaichi Junmaiginjō Nero by Gochouda Brewery
  • Nabeshima Purple Label by Fukuchiyo Shuzou Brewery 
Tone Numata Sakagura Tourism, Gunma Prefecture
  • Tonenishiki Junmai Koshihikari 90% by Nagai Honke 
  • Mizubasho Yukihotaka Awa Sake by Nagai Shuzo
  • GI Shin Tsuchida Yukihotaka by Tsuchida Shuzo
  • Sadaijin Koshihikari Junmaishu by Otone Shuzo

Straight from the Brewery: Virtual Sake Brewery Visits and exclusive Shinshu Tasting at Japan House London

Over this three-days display, a live link with three different breweries offers guests the opportunity to pay them a virtual, seasonal visit from Japan House London and taste each brewery’s winter shinshu (sake brewed in the current year). Click on the links below to find out more.

Friday 18 March 2022: Urakasumi Sake Brewery, Miyagi Prefecture

Saturday 19 March 2022: Takahashi Sukesaku Shuzoten, Nagano Prefecture

Sunday 20 March 2022: Tanaka Shuzojo, Hyogo Prefecture

Guests must be over 18 years old to participate in sake tastings. Japan House London will operate a Challenge 25 policy during events, so guests who look under 25 will be asked to show proof of age. Japan House London reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to guests. Please drink responsibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for more information.