Iro (colour): Lecture by Urasenke Tea Master Kimura Sōkei


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In conjunction with the exhibition The Carpenters’ Line: Woodworking Heritage in Hida Takayama on display in the Gallery from 29 September 2022 to 29 January 2023, Japan House London explores the relationship between the Hida Takayama region and tea, with a special lecture by tea master Kimura Sōkei from the London branch of Urasenke, one of the major tea schools in Japan. 

In this event Kimura Sōkei looks into the rich history of Hida Takayama, tracing the contribution of its craftsmen to the development of wooden architecture in Kyoto. Then, the speaker sheds light on the innovation in the aesthetics and design of chadō utensils influenced by the exchange with the Hida Takayama region. 

This talk provides yet another opportunity to investigate lesser-known aspects of chadō. In his previous lectures Kimura Sōkei addressed the categories of light and shade, as well as sound in the appreciation of tea. This time, he investigates the significance of iro (colour) in the aesthetics of the Urasenke School. 

About the speaker

Kimura Sōkei

Born in 1955, Kimura Sōkei graduated from Bunka Gakuin and in 1991 joined Urasenke Foundation. He worked as instruction for the Urasenke New York Centre between 1994 and 1997, when he became representative of the London Branch of Urasenke. He works mainly in the UK and Europe introducing chadō, the way of tea, through presentations and lectures. 

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