DISPLAY Hana no En Encounters through Flowers

Hana no En – Encounters through Flowers

DISPLAY Hana no En Encounters through Flowers

Discover the rich diversity of ikebana, Japanese flower design, with four-days of displays and demonstrations at Japan House London presented in collaboration with Ikebana International’s London Chapter.

Ikebana, often translated as ‘giving life to flowers’ and also known as kadō (lit. ‘the way of flowers’), originated over 500 years ago in Japan and has since evolved into many different schools each with their own distinctive philosophy.

The display at Japan House London is entitled ‘Hana no En’ which, depending on how it is written, can be variously translated as ‘Encounters through flowers’, ‘Celebration of flowers’ or ‘Circle of flowers’. While exploring over 20 arrangements displayed throughout Japan House, guests can enjoy encounters through flowers as part of this celebration which unites practitioners from diverse ikebana schools.

Exhibiting schools include Ikenobō, Kōfū School, Nippon Kadō Koryū, Ohara School of Ikebana, Ryūsei-ha and Sōgetsu School.

The display is accompanied by a series of demonstrations in the Lower Ground Floor Hall led by practitioners of four of the schools featured in the display:  Sōgetsu School, Ikenobō, Nippon Kadō Koryū and Ohara School of Ikebana. Booking is essential to attend the demonstrations. Please click here for more information.

About Ikebana International

Ikebana International is a worldwide, non-profit organisation founded in 1956 dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement. With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and 162 chapters around the world, Ikebana International benefits from the advice and full co-operation of the heads of all the leading Japanese schools of ikebana. The London chapter, No.6, founded in 1956, was the first chapter in Europe. With members from many different schools, each year the chapters runs a programme of demonstrations, workshops and an annual exhibition.