Display Dip pens

Visit Japan House London this summer and discover the history of pen writing in Japan.

Product designers, manufacturers and materials from all over Japan have been used in the production of these finely crafted writing utensils, with wood from Hiroshima, metal nibs from Gunma and ink from Osaka.

It was in 1868 when Japan first began importing pen nibs, from the UK, and then began domestic production in 1913. The use of dip pens for bookkeeping reached a peak in the 1950s, however the popularization of ballpoint pens and the advent of computers lead to a gradual decrease in demand.

Demand did not cease completely however as a dip pen can create splashes and strokes similar to a writing brush, and varying the pressure can add degrees of weight to a line in a single stroke. The unique expressions afforded by using a dip pen make it an invaluable tool for manga artists for example.

Guests to Japan House London can also learn about other aspects using dip pens such as the design process of the ink bottles, different types of ink and nib and local materials used for handles and pen rests.

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