Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] Nuri-e Colouring-in Workshop


Discover the geometric patterns of Tokolo Asao in a series of nuri-e colouring-in workshops at Japan House London. During each workshop, participants enjoy colouring in a variety of patterns expanding on Tokolo’s Harmonized Chequered Emblems, the logos for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Nuri-e (lit. 'colouring pictures') is the simple technique of colouring within outlines.

The nuri-e worksheets used in each workshop, created specially by Tokolo Asao for Japan House London, have countless colouring-in possibilities. Following the workshops, differently coloured worksheets will be connected to each other. This will create an even bigger pattern to be displayed at Japan House London embodying the message 'Unity in Diversity', an important vision of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

While Tokolo usually works with a single colour, he is inspired by the new possibilities that arise when many people colour his patterns. He would like to encourage people to use their creativity to colour in whatever way they like to wish for hope and peace for the future.

Each workshop is led by Kawahara Akane and includes a special video message from Japan from Tokolo Asao.

This workshop coincides with the exhibition Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] Individual and Group which is on display at Japan House London until 7 November 2021. The exhibition features examples of Tokolo's work from the past 20 years, all with the characteristic of 'connection'.

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Saturday 25 September, 13:00, 15:00

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Sunday 26 September, 13:00, 15:00

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About the Workshop Leader

Kawahara Akane is an artist and designer based in Tokyo and London who has worked with Tokolo Asao for over a decade. Influenced by Tokolo's cross-disciplinary practices, her work is based on interdisciplinary research, and she is currently working on research about future bodies and sensory perception.