Making Gogatsu Ningyō: Doll Making Demonstration & Talk by Goshiki's Hara Hiroko

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‘Children’s Day’ (Kodomo no hi) is celebrated in Japan every year on 5 May. Originally a celebration for boys and known as Tango-no-sekku, the day is celebrated by displaying Gogatsu Ningyō (lit. ‘May dolls’) made specially for this festival to wish for boys’ good health and fortune.

As we approach this year’s Kodomo no hi, join us for a talk and demonstration exploring the making of Gogatsu Ningyō with Hara Hiroko, third generation dollmaker at Goshiki, a specialist doll manufacturer based in Tokyo with over 100 years of history. During this event, Hara explains the cultural significance of Gogatsu Ningyō in Japan and introduces the art of dollmaking with a live demonstration from her studio in Tokyo.

There will be an opportunity for guests to ask questions to Hara Hiroko during this live online event.

About the Speaker

Hara Hiroko is the third generation dollmaker of the specialist doll manufacturer Goshiki Co., Ltd. Since its founding in Asakusabashi, Tokyo more than 100 years ago, Goshiki has been producing and selling dolls for Japanese festival celebrations including Gogatsu Ningyō and Hina dolls for Hinamatsuri. From early childhood, Hara Hiroko was trained in doll making by her grandfather, the founder of Goshiki, Hara Beishū. After graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design, she studied art, interior design, and fashion in the United Kingdom. After her studies in the UK, she resumed her training in doll making under her mother, Hara Koshū, and in 2018, she became officially recognised as Goshiki’s third-generation doll maker.

This event is introduced by Japan House London Programming Director, Simon Wright.