National Geographic Traveller: Travel Geeks at Japan House London

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On 12 March 2020 Japan House London is collaborating with National Geographic Traveller on a special event to introduce audience members to ‘natural Japan’ – the lesser-known treasures of the country’s rural regions.

The evening will see Japan experts from the world of travel, art and sake discuss the beauty, craftsmanship and local culture of Japan’s countryside. Visitors will be able to enjoy a detailed discussion between the panellists, as well as pose their own questions on Japanese culture and travel to the country.

This event runs alongside the current Japan House exhibition WOW: City Lights and Woodland Shade, which introduces visitors to the folk art of the north-eastern region of Tōhoku, as well as the wow-factor of Japan’s buzzing capital city. This exhibition runs until 22 March 2020, is free to attend and is suitable for all ages.

The line-up of panellists for this event are:
- Simon Wright, Director – Programming at Japan House
- Madeleine Bromige - Product Manager at InsideJapan Tours
- Oliver Smith, Travel Writer and Filmmaker
- Natsuki Kikuya, Sake Expert
- Jo Fletcher-Cross, Associate Editor at National Geographic Traveller

Guests at this event are able to enjoy a reception of canape and drinks alongside a night of expert discussion and networking. For further information and tickets, please visit the National Geographic Traveller website here

**Please note that tickets for this event are exclusively sold via our partners and not via Japan House.