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Fukubukuro, literally meaning 'lucky bags', are often referred to as the modern Japanese 'goody bags' that department stores or independent shops sell to ring in the New Year. These lucky bags - living up to their namesake - often contain items selected by the seller at a largely discounted price, attracting queues of people long before the shops open each year. 

From Friday 3 January to Sunday 26 January 2020, The Shop at Japan House London is pleased to present a limited number of Fukubukuro goody bags available for visitors to purchase. Visitors have two options to choose from: 

'For Your Table'  £58 (RRP: £110)

1.Tekiseisha Aeka Bowl
2.Sugiharawashi Uruwashi Table Mat
3.Kamawanu Tenugui
4.Yanagi Sori Soup Spoon
5.Engawa Chopsticks

'Japanese Living'  £168 (RRP: £370.20)

1. Ukiha Bath Towel
2. Tamanohada Welcome Soap
3. Nosaku Basket Daria
4. Paper Eden
5. Flower Vase

The Fukubukuro goody bags are available for 10 units for each option only; the purchase will be on a first-come-first-served basis. 

For any inquiries, please contact The Shop directly.