How to Draw a Chibi Character: Drawing Session with Elena Vitagliano


 chibi 1000x543

© Elena Vitagliano

For the last event of this first session of Japan House London’s online demonstrations looking at manga, participants are encouraged to try their hand at chibi, a style of caricature where characters are drawn in a cute, cartoon-like style exaggerating their facial features. While chibi characters do not necessarily represent literal children, they are known for their huge expressive eyes, oversized heads, and smaller proportions.

Under the guidance of Elena Vitagliano, a professional manga artist based in the UK, participants have the chance to look at and play with body proportions to learn how to draw their own chibi character.

While following the instructions from the artist, who draws on a digital tablet, participants are welcome to use any drawing equipment that they have available at home and are encouraged to ask her directly for tips and advice.

Following the event, participants are invited to post their finished work on social media, tag Japan House London (@JapanHouseLDN) and use the hashtags #japanhouselondon, #manga and #MuseumFromHome.

This drawing session is open to all levels and does not require previous drawing experience.

About the artist

Elena Vitagliano is an award-winning Italian comic artist living and working in London. Her work is related to the analysis of human emotions and the meaning of life. Her accomplishments include receiving various Italian illustration awards, being a finalist at Torino Comix 2011, winning the Manga Jiman Competition (organised by the Japanese Embassy in UK) in 2012 and the European Competition ‘Comics for Equality’ in 2013. She won the prestigious Grand Prix Award (first place) in the 8th edition of Silent Manga Audition with the short manga ‘The Cruelest Rule’ about fair play in 2017. Elena also writes articles about manga, holds workshops, and used to host a daily radio show about anime and manga on the online radio platform, Anime Web Radio. A collection of her short stories is going to be published later this year.