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In recent years, visual design has been used in a variety of scenes, whether we are conscious of it or not. Visual design studio, WOW handles many visual projects in a variety of fields such as brand movies which embody a brand’s concept and vision, UI design which continues to be more prominent in our everyday lives through digital signage and smart devices, and spatial design and installations that create new user experiences and value.  Aiming to show the diversity of projects already carried out by WOW, this lecture will be given by Yamamoto Ko (Producer) and Sato Hiroki (Technical Director).

About WOW:
WOW is a visual design studio based in Sendai and Tokyo. It is involved in a wide field of design from advertising and commercial works to installation works for exhibition spaces, and also invents new user interface designs for prominent brands. WOW is very passionate about creating original art works and products, holding exhibitions not only in Japan but also abroad. By maximizing each designer’s sense of creativity, we are continuously searching for new possibilities of visual design, and the visual designs that are useful for the society.

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A word from WOW:
Animation is the CG technology that supports WOW's visual designs. In Japan, many people imagine 2D anime when hearing the word ‘animation’, but the root of the word is ‘anima’, which means ‘life’. In other words, animation means instilling movement (=life) into inanimate (=non-living) objects. WOW, using its specialty 3DCG has given life to inanimate objects and animated all sorts of worlds. We hope you'll take a brief moment to enjoy the world which WOW has animated for years.


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