Tsugaru-Shamisen Performance by Ohno Keisho


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Immerse yourself in the strong and energetic sounds of Tsugaru-shamisen with a special concert by accomplished player Ohno Keisho.

The shamisen is a three-stringed instrument which developed in Japan in the 16th century after arriving from China through Okinawa. Today one of the most recognised genres of shamisen music is that of Tsugaru-shamisen, a style of playing and instrument with roots in the small peninsula of Tsugaru in present-day Aomori prefecture.

Originating as an accompaniment for local folk song, Tsugaru-shamisen developed into its own genre characterised by improvisation, a quick tempo, and an intense percussive style in which strings are struck hard and fast with the bachi plectrum.

In this concert-recital, Ohno showcases his unique blend of highly-skilled Tsugaru-shamisen techniques with an innovative rock twist keeping true to his motto of ‘preserving musical traditions while destroying them.’

About Ohno Keisho

Born in Niigata, Japan, Ohno Keisho started playing Tsugaru-shamisen at the age of eight. Becoming recognised as a natori - an accredited master - at only 12 years old, he was approved two years later by Takahashi Chikuzan 1 as an authorized successor of the Chikuzan-bushi shamisen school. Constantly inspired by various genres of art and known for his high musical technique and innovative performing style, Ohno is gaining a steady artistic foothold in Europe. 


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