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On Friday 23 August Japan House London wrapping expert will showcase the art of Japanese wrapping techniques at The Rubens at the Palace Hotel.

In Japanese culture, wrapping is not simply a means of masking the object from the recipient, but an art form in itself. Sophisticated methods of wrapping in Japan began in the Jomon period (Japan’s prehistoric period that lasted around 14,000-1000 BCE). These methods have developed over several thousand years, interweaving practicality, art, and faith. Read more about Japanese styles of wrapping and the meaning behind it

This workshop will show attendees various methods of wrapping using a tenugui cloth. These cotton cloths have a multitude of uses and come in a variety of eye-catching designs, making them ideal wrapping materials for extra-special items. This workshop will showcase how to wrap a variety of items, including bottles and small boxes, without using any scissors or cellotape. 

Throughout the evening attendees will be able to enjoy an array of Japanese dishes, including maki rolls, soft shell crab tempura, nigiri and edamame beans. The Head Bartender at The Rubens at the Palace will also showcase his knowledge of Japanese drinks and provide a welcome sake cocktail upon arrival. Each attendee will also get to take home their own tenugui from The Shop at Japan House. 

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About The Rubens at the Palace
The Rubens at the Palace is a five star hotel located a short walk away from Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Green Park and Victoria Station. The hotel has several bars and restaurants, including the Leopard Bar which serves freshly prepared sushi and sashimi. Further information about this event and The Rubens at the Palace can be found here