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Visit The Stand at Japan House London on 20 and 22 September 2019 to get acquainted with the health-boosting, healing virtues of sayu – hot water.

This event will introduce visitors to the soft-tasting, circulation boosting benefits of water boiled in cast iron OIGEN kettles. Adding nutritional iron to the water and removing other metallic or chemical substances and flavours such as chalk, sayu from a cast iron kettle has a starkly different taste to regular electric kettle water. As a result of the rich iron content, gentle-flavoured sayu from cast iron kettles is thought to alleviate headaches, fatigue and stiffness as well as facial puffiness.

At this event visitors will be able to compare first-hand the soft, gentle taste of water boiled in a cast iron OIGEN kettle with standard electric kettle water.

The event will be attended by OIGEN company President, Oikawa Kuniko.

Read more about OIGEN and the cast iron crafting process on our OIGEN Story 

For over 150 years OIGEN has produced craft ironware products at their foundry in Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture. Striving to create products that would warm both people and water during the cold northern winters on Japan’s main island, the company has perfected the process of making cast iron kettles and pots, passing down knowledge from generation to generation. Each product in OIGEN’s range is handmade and incorporates the skill of numerous artisans. Forgoing convenience for the sake of slowing down and enjoying life at a more leisurely pace, OIGEN’s products are a nod to the past – to sitting and enjoying a cup of tea around the hearth, experiencing the benefits of the soft, iron-rich water boiled in their stylish black kettles.