Rakugo Workshop:
Learn the Art of Japanese Comic Storytelling


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Join us on Saturday 31 August for an afternoon of Japanese comedy with master storyteller, Kanariya Eiraku and members of the Canary English Rakugo Company. Rakugo comic monologues have a long history in Japan, and have grown in popularity in recent years.

This special workshop will give you the opportunity to learn rakugo storytelling skills. Learn how to conjure up a complete world and cast of characters with just a few simple props, and practise your technique in telling simple stories and jokes.

The exhibition Anno's Journey: The World of Anno Mitsumasa is on display in the Japan House Gallery from 22 August until 27 October 2019.

About the Performer:

Kanariya Eiraku has been performing rakugo for over 30 years. He started teaching English rakugo classes in Tokyo in 2007. Since then he has performed rakugo in English both in Japan and abroad, including the US, Denmark and Laos. He also introduces Japanese songs in English using the ukulele. He teaches English performance at universities in Japan.

This event is in association with Canary English Rakugo Company and The Japan Society.


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