Mercian Koshu Wine Tasting


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On Saturday 13 July Japan House London will host the first wine tasting session serving Koshu wine from Château Mercian in Yamanashi Prefecture. The session is free to attend, and guests must be over 18 years old to participate in alcoholic drink tastings. 

Mercian Koshu wines are now newly available in The Shop at Japan House London. 

Mercian Koshu wine selection at Japan House

Château Mercian Koshu Gris de Gris

This koshu white wine is from Chateau Mercian’s winery in Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, which sits in the foothills of Mt Fuji. Its complex array of flavours and aromas include apricot, apple, rose, vanilla and Darjeeling - all derived from eight months of maturation in oak barrels. This wine pairs well with sweet dishes which include mirin, sugar or soy sauce.

Château Mercian Yamanashi Koshu Sur Lie
The tasting notes of this wine match its pale yellow colour, with hints of citrus fruits including lemons, limes and sudachi - a small, green fruit originally cultivated in Tokushima Prefecture. It has a fresh acidity, and pairs well with dishes such as sashimi, seafood paella, green salads and cod.

About Koshu wine

Koshu wine is made from Koshu, Japan’s indigenous wine grape which can be traced back to 1186 when it was discovered growing wild at Katsunama in Yamanashi Prefecture. Koshu grapes are still today grown in Yamanashi Prefecture, with harvesting taking place from early September to early October each year. 

About Château Mercian 

Chateau Mercian are the oldest established winery in Japan, starting out in 1870 having sent two young men to France to understand wine making in the Europena tradition. Indeed the descendants of these two men are still growing Koshu for Mercian today. Château Mercian grow Chardonnay, merlot, Syrah, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, experiment with Albarino, Mencia and others and have always shared their long experience of producing wine in Japan with other producers in the region. 

Japan House London will operate a Challenge 25 policy during events, so guests who look under 25 may be asked to show proof of age. Japan House London reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to guests.

Please drink responsibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for more information.

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