Manga Innovations: Talk by Paul Gravett

Manga Innovations: How Japan Reinvented the Comics Medium. A Talk by Paul GRAVETT at Japan House L:ondon


Combine your visit to Japan House London’s manga exhibition This is MANGA – the Art of URASAWA NAOKI with an evening lecture on the development of the art form by international comics art expert Paul Gravett.

Modern manga is said to have developed from a fusion of Japan’s distinctive traditions with cartooning influences imported from the West. Out of these elements, many creators in Japan have devised exciting new approaches to storytelling in words and pictures, from Tezuka Osamu, the ‘God of Manga’, to Urasawa Naoki today. In his illustrated lecture, Paul Gravett, a historian and curator specialising in international comics art, explores some of these inspiring innovations, which are transforming how the medium is created and consumed worldwide.

The exhibition ‘This is MANGA: the Art of URASAWA NAOKI’ is on display in the Japan House Gallery from 5 June until 28 July 2019.

About the Speaker: 

Paul Gravett is the author of 'Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics' (Thames & Hudson) and curator of the related Mangasia exhibition for The Barbican Centre, which is touring worldwide until 2022.