Immersive Design: A Talk by WOW

イマーシブデザイン: WOW

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Coinciding with the opening of Japan House London’s latest exhibition WOW: City Lights and Woodland Shade, WOW Director Kudō Kaoru and Technical Director Satō Hiroki offer an exclusive insight on its two interactive installations, ‘Tokyo Light Odyssey’ and ‘Poppo’.

‘Tokyo Light Odyssey’ is a 360-degree immersive motion graphics exploration of Tokyo’s nightscape and ‘Poppo’ investigates new ways of playing with carved wooden craft from the Tōhoku region of north-eastern Japan. Both installations reflect on various aspects of digital design and its potential in reinterpreting reality.

This lecture aims to contextualize Japan House London’s new exhibition within WOW’s distinctive approach to visual and spatial design and the studio’s vision for the future of innovation in design.

The exhibition WOW: City Lights and Woodland Shade is on display in the Japan House Gallery until 22 March 2020.

About WOW
Based in Tokyo and Sendai, WOW’s visual arts studio aims to reach beyond the boundaries of motion graphics, presenting installations which raise questions of how we interpret and express the modern world. WOW is involved in a wide field of design work, including advertising and commercial works for brands including Sony, Suntory, Aston Martin, Dior, Chandon, Pokémon, Issey Miyake and Shiseido. The studio’s practice is based on a vision to bring positive change to society. Find out more about WOW



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