Gallery Talk: Spotlight on ‘Living Colours’ with Dyeing Weaver Yoshioka Sarasa


Gallery Talk: Spotlight on 'Living Colours' with Dyeing Weaver YOSHIOKA Sarasa

Take a closer look at the ‘Living Colours’ exhibition at Japan House London with a gallery talk by dyeing weaver Yoshioka Sarasa.

The exhibition ‘Living Colours’ explores the work of the 200-year old family-run Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop in Fushimi, near Kyoto city, which is led by Sarasa’s father, 5th-generation master dyer and colour historian Yoshioka Sachio. On taking over the business, Yoshioka Sachio decided to discard the use of synthetic dyes and to ensure that all the work undertaken would use age-old natural dyeing materials. In recent years his daughter Sarasa has taken a leading role in the running of the workshop, continuing her father’s work to preserve and cultivate the hand-dyeing tradition.

Please meet in front of the welcome desk in the Lobby on the lower ground floor, 10 minutes before the talk begins.

Immersing visitors into a forest of colour, ‘Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations’ is on display in the Gallery at Japan House from 5 April to 19 May 2019.

About Yoshioka Sarasa:

After working at an apparel design company, Yoshioka Sarasa joined the Silk Museum in Seiyoshi-mura, Ehime Prefecture, to study silk production, including silk reeling, throwing, dyeing, and weaving. In 2008 she returned home to Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop, where she has since been working on textiles dyeing and weaving, using natural dyeing techniques. Yoshioka Sarasa is the daughter of Yoshioka Sachio, the 5th-generation head of the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop.

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