Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Prototyping in Tokyo

Prototyping Gallery Talk by Dr Muramatsu Mitsuru at Japan House London


Take a closer look at the ‘Prototyping in Tokyo’ exhibition at Japan House with a gallery talk by design engineer Dr Muramatsu Mitsuru. Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science, and a member of Professor Yamanaka’s Prototyping & Design Laboratory, Dr Muramatsu has worked with Professor Yamanaka to develop some of the innovative prototypes featured in the exhibition. These include the bio-likeness robot ‘Apostroph’, which examines the mechanisms that allow living organisms to stand, and ‘Clockoid’, a device combining the routine, detached movements of a clock with the interactive, dynamic and shape-shifting manoeuvres of an advanced robot.

Please meet in front of the welcome desk in the Lobby on the lower ground floor, 10 minutes before the talk begins.

Exploring the potential of prototypes to act as a link between cutting-edge technology and society and offering a rare glimpse of the textures and structure of the future, the exhibition Prototyping in Tokyo: Illustrating design-led innovation is on display in the Gallery from 16 January - 17 March 2019.

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