Film Screening: Murasaki - A Man Fascinated by Colour

 Film Screening: Murasaki – A Man Fascinated by Colour

Immerse yourself in the daily workings of the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop in Fushimi, Kyoto, in this beautifully shot film by director Kawase Mika.

The head of the 200-year-old family-run Yoshioka workshop is 5th-generation master dyer Yoshioka Sachio. Under the direction of Yoshioka, who took over in 1988, the craftspeople in his workshop dye textiles and washi (Japanese paper) using only natural plant-based materials, pure Kyoto spring water and age-old dyeing techniques, creating a wide range of extraordinarily beautiful and rich colours, including many which have been revived from periods of Japanese history.

This fly on the wall documentary follows the day-to-day activities of Yoshioka Sachio and the craftspeople at his workshop, detailing the slow and painstaking processes by which these exquisite colours are brought to life.

Directed by Kawase Mika, 2011, 77min, Japanese with English subtitles

Exploring the work of the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop, the exhibition ‘Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations’ is on display in the Gallery at Japan House from 5 April to 19 May 2019.

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