Book Curation: Talk by Haba Yoshitaka

幅 允孝

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Photo: Haba Yoshitaka in the Library at Japan House London © Christopher Fernandez

A leading expert in the emerging field of ‘book direction’, curator of the Library at Japan House, and founder and director of BACH, Haba Yoshitaka is dedicated to creating innovative ways in which we interact with books.

In this talk Haba discusses his passion for paper books and his strategies for ensuring their survival in a world of internet shopping and increasing digitization.

As conventional bookstores and libraries experience declining numbers, Haba aims to instead bring books to people and make them relevant and accessible to their daily lives. From the Japan House Library to specialized book areas in hospitals, nurseries and even Kyoto City Zoo, Haba offers a wide range of book direction services for libraries at various locations inside and outside Japan.

With carefully handpicked displays which arrange books in unexpected and novel ways, Haba’s curated libraries offer the possibility for spontaneous discovery of books that one might not encounter elsewhere and help visitors to discover (or rediscover) the pleasure of reading.

About Haba Yoshitaka

Haba Yoshitaka is a Book Director and representative of BACH, as well as an associate lecturer at Waseda University and Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. In order to create opportunities for people to have greater access to books and pick up unknown books, Haba produces shop floors, library displays and reading areas that connect book stores and different industries.

His recent works include Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto (a venue that comprises a school, library, gallery and co-working space), ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur and Japan House São Paulo. Haba is a book connoisseur, his love of books goes beyond book curation to include writing and editing.