Anno's Journey: The World of Anno Mitsumasa


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Go on Anno’s Journey and explore the remarkable work of Anno Mitsumasa, one of Japan’s most beloved and prolific artists. Since the 1960s, Anno has illustrated hundreds of books. Inspired by the traditions of Europe and Japan, his varied works are characterized by a sense of curiosity, warmth and playful sense of humour, and have appeared in children’s publications for over the last 50 years.

This exhibition explores the work of Anno Mitsumasa, who is best known for his picture books, with few or no words, published from the late 1960s onwards. The display illustrates the story of Anno Mitsumasa’s life and creative journey, features a reading library with many of Anno’s 300 published books, introduces Japanese language for children and beginners, and explores Anno’s remarkably varied work.

Anno’s Journey is the first exhibition dedicated to the artist to be held in the UK. It follows the story of Anno’s extraordinarily varied life’s work, from his early picture books and kirigami papercuts exploring themes such as maths, science, language and folklore, through to the full set of drawings from ‘Anno’s Britain’, to depictions of historical and contemporary life in Japan.

A selection of Anno's books are available at The Shop in Japan House London.

About Anno Mitsumasa
Since the 1960s, Anno has illustrated hundreds of books. His works have appeared in children’s publications for over 50 years and each new generation of readers in Japan has grown up intimately knowing his works as if they were a part of the family. The pieces he has created throughout his life reflect the socio-economic evolution of Japan through the Shōwa and Heisei eras. These include scenes from his childhood in rural Japan before WWII, the post-war economic miracle of the 1960s and its increasingly outward-looking perspective on the world and interaction with Europe, through to collections of paintings which predominantly explore depictions of Japan. He was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1984 for his lasting contribution to children's literature and has been designated a Person of Cultural Merit in his home country.

Anno's Journey is organized and curated by Japan House London with the kind cooperation of the artist, and in collaboration with Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.

More works from the series ‘In and Around the Capital’ are on display at the Embassy of Japan until 26 September 2019.


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