terada 1000

Established in 2011 by architect Terada Naoki, Terada Mokei creates laser-cut paper models depicting a variety of scenes - from sumo wrestling through to farming - each made to a scale of 1/100.

In this talk, founder Terada Naoki shares his inspirations and visions for Terada Mokei, and discusses his passion for modelling and its potential in architecture and beyond.

Constructing architectural models on a daily basis for his own clients at Terada Design Studio, Terada Naoki recognized how populating each design with people, trees and other tiny details helped bring each model to life. He first began creating do-it-yourself sets for other architects, as a means of saving time, creating the ‘ARCHITECTURAL MODEL ACCESSORIES SERIES’. 

Now over 100 different architectural accessory sets have been produced by Terada Mokei, from people and animals to taxi stands and pizza delivery bikes. With detailed instructions, anyone, not only architects, can use these DIY modelling sets to discover the joys of assembling models, to exercise their imagination and to build their own 1/100 scale world.

Photo credits: TERADA MOKEI | Image © Masunaga Kenji

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