Making Tsuiki Copperware

The centuries-old tsuiki copper-hammering technique of the Gyokusendō workshop in Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture has been designated an Intangible Cultural Property by Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs.

This workshop gives participants the rare opportunity to try their hand at tsuiki copper hammering, under direct instruction from expert craftspeople from Gyokusendō. Each participant will create and shape their own unique piece of copperware through the hammering and beating of a single sheet of copper.

Please email [email protected] to request your place on this workshop.

About the Makers:


Gyokusendō was founded in 1816 in Tsubame in Niigata Prefecture. For over 200 years the family-run workshop has produced hand-hammered tsuiki copperware. The tsuiki metalworking technique of Gyokusendō is designated an Intangible Cultural Property by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs and a sixth-generation master craftsman Tamagawa Norio (1942-) was designated a ‘Living National Treasure’ in 2010. 

For more information visit Gyokusendō website.