'Koto' Performance by ENOKIDO Fuyuki at Japan House London


This winter, enjoy a seasonal koto concert by acclaimed koto performer Enokido Fuyuki.

One of the most recognizable and evocative sounds of Japan, the koto is a Japanese stringed instrument with a rich musical history, made from paulownia wood. First introduced in Japan in the 7th Century CE, originating from the Chinese zheng, the koto became a popular instrument in aristocratic circles and a mainstay of Japanese court life. Over the years, styles of koto playing have evolved, with performers today playing both classical and contemporary pieces. The koto typically has 13 strings tied over 13 moveable bridges which are plucked using three finger picks.

The evening performance will include a discussion session with Ms Enokido chaired by Dr David Hughes, Research Associate of the Department of Music and the Japan Research Centre at SOAS, University of London.


About the performer:

Enokido Fuyuki

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Enokido Fuyuki began to play the koto at the age of three. She studied Musicology at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and graduated in 2000. She has performed at official events in more than 30 countries, received several awards, and also composes her own pieces.