Design Talk by Hara Kenya: SUBTLE - Delicate or Infinitesimal

原 研哉

Design Talk by Hara Kenya at Japan House London

“Paper itself is not inherently delicate. It is the perception elicited by paper in the user that is delicate.” Hara Kenya

Chief Creative Director for the global Japan House project and Art Director for the internationally popular Japanese lifestyle retailer MUJI, Hara Kenya is one of Japan’s leading design personalities. In this talk Hara discusses his philosophy of design by focusing on the theme of SUBTLE, an aesthetic concept which underpins his curation and art direction for Japan House London’s latest exhibition SUBTLE: Delicate or Infinitesimal | Takeo Paper Show.

Exploring the subtle qualities of paper which awaken and nurture our delicate sensibilities, the exhibition is on display in the gallery at Japan House London from 13 November - 24 December 2018.

About Hara Kenya:

Chief Creative Director for the Japan House project, eminent designer Hara Kenya is also President of Nippon Design Center, Professor at Tokyo's Musashino Art University and Art Director of MUJI. In the UK, Hara’s work has been exhibited in London at the Design Museum, the Science Museum and The Wellcome Collection. He has also authored books including 'Designing Design' and 'White'.

Top Images (clockwise from left): TAKEO PAPER SHOW ‘SUBTLE’, ‘CHOCOLATE’S HATS’, 2014, MUJI, ‘Horizon’, Uyuni Salt Lake, 2003, PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS, ’Ispahan’ limited packaging, 2014, JAPAN HOUSE SÃO PAULO, 2017