An Introduction to Sushi Making: Workshop

Sushi making workshop2

Learn the basics of sushi making in a hands-on workshop at Japan House London.

Sushi is a well-known and well-loved example of Japanese cuisine and takes many different forms, often depending on the region in which it is made. The availability of different ingredients across Japan gives rise to a multitude of regional variations.

During the workshop, participants can gain practical sushi making skills, such as cooking perfect sushi rice and preparing various neta (sushi toppings), before creating three types of rolled sushi – slim hosomaki, giant futomaki, inside-out uramaki – and a set of nigiri. Guests will have the opportunity to taste their creations as part of the workshop.

As an accessible introduction to sushi making principles and techniques, this workshop will enable guests to share their new skills with friends and family.

Please note that all materials and ingredients are provided by Japan House London. All participants will receive the following tools to make their own sushi at home:

Shamoji: Wooden paddle used to ‘cut’ steamed rice, essential for creating high-quality sushi.
Makisu / sushi-maki: Bamboo mat used to form neat sushi rolls.
Hashi: Comfortable and easy-to-use chopsticks, hand-carved from naturally strong and long-lasting ironwood.
Tenugui: 100% cotton cloth in one of three patterns. Tenugui are versatile, and can be reused as a tea towel, decoration, or as gift-wrapping.