An Introduction to Kintsugi: Workshop

Kintsugi workshop

Experience the art of kintsugi and take home a beautifully repaired ceramic item in a hands-on workshop at Japan House London.

Kintsugi  is the centuries-old technique that uses Japanese lacquer (urushi) dusted with powdered precious metals to restore broken ceramics. Rather than masking cracks and breaks, kintsugi highlights them to tell an object’s story.

During the workshop, participants can gain practical kintsugi repair skills through fixing a crack on a ceramic item using urushi and powdered brass. Guests can take away their finished pieces, along with the knowledge of how to use kintsugi techniques to repair their own broken items at home.

The workshop is intended as an accessible introduction to kintsugi principles and techniques and includes some shortcuts to allow beginners to complete a finished product.

Please note that all materials, including the ceramic plates that guests will repair during the event, are provided by Japan House London. Due to time constraints, it is not possible for guests to bring their own broken ceramics to repair.

Should you wish to continue practicing kintsugi at home or prepare a special gift for your guests, our Shop may be able to help. If you're interested, please let us know in the enquiry form below. Please note that any Shop orders would have to be placed at least two weeks in advance, as the items arrive from Japan.

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