From products made of washi (Japanese paper) to brush pens designed for lettering and artwork, The Shop at Japan House London has curated a small range of exceptional quality, versatile Japanese stationery. The product selection represents specialist makers from various regions of Japan, who are excelling in their craft.

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Nigiribasami fabric snips
by Tajika Haruo Ironworks


Tajika Haruo Ironworks is a family-run business, established in 1928, in Ono city, Hyogo Prefecture. The company is now run by 3rd and 4th generation father and son team, Tajika Takeo and Tajika Daisuke, who painstakingly handcraft a variety of scissors and shears for use in the garden, the kitchen and for crafts. Tajika Daisuke recently expanded the company with a newly designed product line under the brand TAjiKA.

Nigiribasami are small steel shears designed to cut or unpick thread in sewing work. Their name comes from the design; nigiri means to squeeze, and that is precisely how the shears work, by being squeezed in the hand. The thin sharp blades offer accuracy and control.

Size: 10.2cm (l) x 2.2cm (w)

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Notebook with chiyogami cover by HAIBARA


HAIBARA is a paper specialist company founded in 1806 CE in Edo (present-day Tokyo). The company's high quality, strong, smooth-textured washi has long been held in high esteem by writers and artists, including calligraphers, ukiyo-e painters and woodblock printers. Find out more about HAIBARA's origins and its products in our Story about Chiyogami.

Chiyogami is Japanese paper, washi, which has been hand-printed with patterned designs. Choose from two patterns: pink sakura and red chrysanthemum (sold out). While the cover is made of washi, the horizontal ruled internal pages are made of Western-style paper.

Size: 16.5cm x 11.3cm, 160 pages

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Small box (kobako)


A small box with a lid (kobako), perfectly sized to hold business cards or other small items. The lid is made of chiyogami – printed Japanese paper, washi, with two patterns to choose from: pink sakura and red sakura. The base is lined with brightly coloured washi.

Outer dimensions: length 11.3cm x width 7.7cm x height 4.1cm
Inner dimensions: length 10.1cm x width 6.4cm x height 3.5cm

HAIBARA is a paper specialist company, with a history of more than 200 years of making high quality, strong, smooth-textured washi. Find out more about HAIBARA's origins and its products in our Story about Chiyogami.

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