SIRI SIRI Jewellery


Founded in Tokyo in 2006 by designer Okamoto Naho, the Japanese jewellery brand SIRI SIRI explores the intersection between Japanese craftsmanship, aesthetic principles, architecture and art. SIRI SIRI products are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans across Japan, blending the use of natural materials with Japanese craft traditions to create contemporary, organic and universal pieces of design. By collaborating with various craftspeople, SIRI SIRI is able to combine sophisticated, contemporary designs with craft techniques, such as glasswork, faceting and rattan netting, to create products of universal and inspiring beauty.

Arabesque Earrings 1


The design of these earrings is inspired by the Awaji knot, a decorative knot that becomes tighter if pulled from both ends and symbolizes union. They are created by one of the world’s leading rattan craftsmen who polishes and weaves the rattan into beautiful items to SIRI SIRI’s design. The material surface is not coated so the colour of the earrings will deepen in tone with use.

Material: Rattan/14KGF
W38 x H68mm
Weight: 2g per set

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Kiriko Bangle Slim


A contemporary design with a texture handcrafted using the Japanese cut glass technique Edo-kiriko, which developed in Edo, present-day Tokyo, in 1834. The glass bangle is intended to look like the rippled surface of water, cool yet elegant.

Material: Heat Resistant Glass
Outer size: W80xD65xH20mm
Inner size: W53xD41)
Weight: 74g

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Hotoli Earrings Oval BUBBLE


The design of these earrings is inspired by the The Aare River in Swizerland. Using a rare glasswork technique, lampwork, SIRI SIRI create beautiful curved glass pieces with bubbles, invoking an image of the river scooped up in the hands or trapped in glass. The earrings are large yet convey a sense of lightness which is complemented by the elegant gold matte finish.

Hook: 10KYG
Size: L21 x W13 x T40mm
Motif: L21 x W34 x T5mm
Weight: 13g per pair
Post Ø 0.7mm

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Cinema Japonesque Bangle Hindwing


The bangle is part of SIRI SIRI’s popular RADEN series which uses the Japanese art of raden (lit. ‘shell inlay’) to combine mother-of-pearl with simple, contemporary design. Items are custom produced to SIRI SIRI's design by an artist specializing in maki-e, the craft of decorating lacquerware.

Materials: SV925(gold-plated)/Pearl/Japanese lacquer
Size: W63 x H77 x T2.5mm
Weight: 12g

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Kiriko Earrings Shizuku


These earrings from the Kiriko Collection are one of the brand’s original products designed when SIRI SIRI was first founded in 2006. A blend of contemporary design and Japanese craft tradition, their texture is handcrafted using the Japanese cut glass technique Edo-kiriko, developed in 1834. As with the Kiriko Bangle Slim, the earrings are designed to convey the coolness of rippling water surface.

Material: Heat Resistant Glass
Post: 18KG
Size: W34 x H48 x T5mm
Weight: 21g per set

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Raden Earrings Hindwing


Created using raden, the decorative technique of applying thinly cut pieces of mother-of-pearl to a surface which is then coated in lacquer and polished, the earrings are designed to express the beauty of the material. The iridescent mother-of-pearl emits colours in a way that is reminiscent of light reflected in the water of a lake. SIRI SIRI have named these earrings Hindwing referencing the back wing of a butterfly, with the intention that the wearer would feel like a butterfly floating on air.

Material: SV925(18KG-plated)/Pearl/Lacquer
W21 x H26 x T2mm
Weight: 8g per set

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Excavation Necklace Lei


This necklace is part of SIRI SIRI’s EXCAVATION series inspired by museum collections, and the design of Necklace Lei is evocative of ancient jewellery design. The glass material is simple yet elegant. The pieces are lined up and overlapped to create volume, movement and shadows.

Material: Glass Beads/Silk
Length: 425mm
Glass: W6 x H13-25 x T6mm
Weight: 51g

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