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More Trees

TSUMIKI 7 pieces, £72.00
TSUMIKI 13 pieces, £124.80

TSUMIKI are triangle-shaped wooden blocks named after Japanese building blocks. The notch at the tip of each piece allows the blocks to be fitted together easily to create structures by children and adults alike.

TSUMIKI are designed by architect Kengo Kuma, based on a commission by More Trees, a forestry conservation organization led by renowned Japanese musician Sakamoto Ryuichi. Each piece is handmade by local artisans from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cedar wood from Morotsuka Village in Miyazaki Prefecture. Find out more about TSUMIKI in our Story.

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Studio Note

Awaglass mini, £44.40
Awaglass regular, £67.20

Created by designer Terayama Norihiko, Awaglass is no ordinary hourglass. Rather than a tool to keep time, it encourages the user to lose themselves in the meditative display of bubbles (awa) rising up, displacing and forcing water to trickle down.

Terayama Norihiko is a designer at Studio Note. After studying product design in Japan, he studied conceptual art at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, which has had a great influence on his work.

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Incense case in walnut or maple, £48.00

Kungyokudo was founded as an apothecary in the third year of the Bunroku Era (1594 CE), in its current location in front of Nishi Hongan-ji temple in Kyoto. With reliable all-natural materials that have been used throughout the company's long history combined with proven methods and recipes, Kungyokudo produces a variety of fragrant products such as essential oils, candles, hand creams and scent accessories.

Kungyokudo's incense cases are handcrafted from natural wood and come with a conveniently designed incense holder inside the lid.

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Craft Design Technology

Brush pen 'item 31' , £54.00

Craft Design Technology works in collaboration with established stationery manufacturers in Japan, combining the company's expertise in contemporary design with their partners' honed craftsmanship. The result is a collection of beautiful CDT stationery that embodies the elements of craft, design and technology, and has the power to transform work spaces.

The brush pen is manufactured by Kuretake, a company that began as an ink manufacturer in 1902 in Nara, Japan, and went on to produce its first brush pen in 1973. Brush pens, fude pen, are often used in calligraphy, lettering, illustration such as manga, and other forms of artwork. A brush-like effect is achieved with the precision of a pen. 

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Shotoku Glass

'Usuhari' Bordeaux wine tumbler 330ml (set of 2), £50.40

Shotoku Glass was founded in Tokyo in 1922 as a manufacturer of mouth-blown glass light bulbs. Now, the company applies their craftsmanship to producing ultra-thin table glassware. It is said that the fine and delicate Shotoku drinking glasses make you feel as though you are holding the liquid itself. Find out more about Shotoku Glass and how the company handcrafts glassware in our Story.

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Iwamiya Takeji

'Katachi: A Picture-Book of Traditional Japanese Workmanship' (2 volumes), £560

A collection of photographs by the renowned photographer Iwamiya Takeji (1920 – 1989) that capture the essence of Japanese handicrafts through katachi (sense of form). The set of two luxuriously gravure-printed photo books present stunning images of objects as varied as rafters of old shrines and temples, finely constructed ceilings and tea utensils as well as hair ornaments and wooden molds for Japanese confectionery. All photographs were taken by Iwamiya in Kyoto and Nara Prefecture, over a 50-year period.

Published by Bijutsu Shuppannsha, Tokyo (1962); first edition, hard cover
Please note that this is an antique item that has signs of use as shown in photographs
Size: 37.5cm (l) × 26.5cm (w)

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Lyric Speaker, £4,320.00

COTODAMA’s company name is inspired by the Japanese phrase meaning “the spirit of words”. The music technology company, founded in 2016 in Tokyo, specializes in innovative, handcrafted speakers which utilise lyric-sync technology to display lyrics in expressive graphic styles. The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker creates an energetic and emotive visual display by arranging the lyrics of a song on the translucent screen. Music analysis technologies developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) automatically analyse the song’s mood and structure, and the built-in expression engine creates motion graphics for each song.

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