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Browse a selection of Japanese kitchen tools, handcrafted by artisans with care and precision, for use in preparing and serving any type of cuisine. Enjoy the sharpness and durability of Japanese blades, the beautiful simplicity of porcelain vessels, and the warmth and authenticity of tableware made of Japanese wood (some lacquered in urushi, Japanese lacquer), amongst other specially selected items.

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TAjiKA Kitchen Shears
by Tajika Haruo Ironworks


Tajika Haruo Ironworks is a family-run business, established in 1928 in Ono city, Hyogo Prefecture. The company is now run by 3rd and 4th generation father and son team, Tajika Takeo and Tajika Daisuke, who painstakingly handcraft a variety of scissors and shears for use in the garden, the kitchen and for crafts. Tajika Daisuke recently expanded the company with a newly-designed product line under the brand TAjiKA.

TAjiKA kitchen shears are carefully crafted from stainless steel, making them durable, resistant to rust and easy to care for; they can be washed in the dishwasher. Designed as a versatile kitchen tool, grooves in the handles can be used to open bottles and cans. 

Size: 20.5cm (l), 155g

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Magewappa Ohitsu (3 Cups)
by Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten


Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten is a father and son team, using 200-year old natural cedar wood from Akita Prefecture to handcraft mage-wappa (bent woodware). The technique involves boiling and bending thin sheets of cedar to shape them into a circular container. The craft has been practised and perfected in Japan for over 400 years. Find out more about the workshop and the craft of mage-wappa in our Story.

This mage-wappa ohitsu is intended for storing up to 3 cups of cooked rice. It absorbs excess moisture, ensuring that the rice maintains its soft texture and flavour, enhanced by the cedar wood scent, even when left at room temperature for up to a day. A shamoji (rice paddle) is included.

Size: 11.5cm (h) | 20cm (dia)

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Copper Grater


KIYA (lit. ‘wood shop’) was established in 1792 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. For nine generations, KIYA has made high quality knives and kitchen tools, earning a reputation as one of the finest producers of home kitchen tools in Japan. 

A copper grater, oroshigane, is used to grate vegetables such as radish, ginger and wasabi. The teeth are cut and raised individually by hand by skilled craftsmen.

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Urushi bowl
by Mokushikko Tokeshi


Located in the northern part of subtropical Okinawa, Mokushikko Tokeshi is a team of two artisans, Tokeshi Hiroyuki and Tokeshi Ai. They make products using urushi (Japanese lacquer) methods passed down through generations. The company's commitment to tradition is reflected in its techniques and materials – wood is sourced from indigenous Okinawan trees and an age-old method of mixing urushi  with sand is used to make products more resistant to wear and tear. Find out more about this maker in our Story about Mokushikko Tokeshi or learn more about urushi in our Story on lacquer craft.

The matte finish of Mokushikko Tokeshi's products, like this urushi bowl, prevents and masks signs of wear from daily use.
Size: 5.8cm (h) | 12.3cm (dia)

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Urushi spoon
by Mokushikko Tokeshi

Red (sold out), black or tin, £147.00 each

One half of the Mokushikko Tokeshi is Tokeshi Hiroyuki who trained as a kijishi (woodworking craftsman); he carefully considers the grain and characteristics of the wood before carving it into beautiful items. The other half of the duo is the urushi (Japanese lacquer) artist, Tokeshi Ai, who applies lacquer to the products in such a way as to preserve and honour the wood grain. The company's pieces are created for modern lifestyle. The form of products like these spoons is designed to fit into any contemporary kitchen or dining room and be used every day. They are light, durable and heat-resistant. The matte finish masks wear and tear and with continued use, Mokushikko Tokeshi's urushi products develop a beautiful luster. 

Size: 18cm (l) x 1.7cm (w)

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