Japan House London introduces a carefully selected range of handicrafts created by present-day artists and craftspeople who are keeping alive the many regional manufacturing traditions of Japan. The skills and techniques required to produce crafts such as the ones represented in this collection, have been passed down through generations, highlighting the spirit of mingei – handicrafts made by anonymous creators and celebrated by the Japanese Mingei (Folk Craft) Movement. Presented alongside are tools and kits to assist you in your own practice of monozukuri (craftsmanship).

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Inu Hariko

Inu Hariko (papier-mâché) £48.00

Inu Hariko are ornaments in the shape of a dog (inu), which in the Edo period (1603–1868 CE) were considered to be a lucky charm, symbolic of protection particularly for children and family. They are handcrafted using Aizu hariko (papier-mâché) technique of wrapping a wooden mould in washi (Japanese paper) which has been pre-soaked in a mix of glue and chalk. Once dry, the wooden mould is removed and the figure is painted. This particular hariko method is local to the region of Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture.

Size: 8.5cm (h) x 8.0cm (l) x 4.5cm (w)

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Otaka Poppo

Otaka Poppo (small), £31.00 (sold out)
Kodai Poppo black, £120.00 (sold out)

Poppo are small, hand-carved wooden toys made in the Tōhoku region of Japan. The otaka poppo is in the shape of a hawk (taka), a bird often associated with strength, prosperity and good fortune. Such toys are placed in the home to invite good luck. Created using the Sasano Ittobori (one-knife carving) technique, local to the Sasano area of Yamagata Prefecture, each toy is carved out of a single piece of wood by master craftspeople.

Otaka poppo are presented at Japan House London in two styles, the larger of the two is kodai poppo, an antique design, and the smaller figure is carved in a modern design.

Otaka Poppo (small): height 21cm
Kodai Poppo: height 30cm

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Small, £50.00
Medium, £90.00
Large, £63.00

Kokeshi are wooden dolls that originate from the Tōhoku region of north-eastern Japan. They were first made by woodturners as toys for children, in the 1800s CE. The dolls have maintained their original simple form of an elongated, limbless body and oversized head but have over time evolved in decoration. Nowadays, kokeshi are delicately hand-painted with features and expressions, as well as colourful kimono. Choose from three different types of kokeshi but each individual one has its own unique design. (Prices depend on the maker rather than the size.)

Small: height 12cm
Medium: height 15cm
Large: height 18.5cm

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Small, £31.00 (Sold out)
Medium, £35.00 (Sold out)
Large, £54.00 (Sold out)

Akabeko (lit. ‘red cow’) is a folk toy that has been handcrafted in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture for around 400 years. Made using the Aizu hariko (papier-mâché) technique, layers of paper are applied over a wooden mould to create a figure. Akabeko is often used as a talisman to ward off sickness and attract good fortune. Find out more about akabeko, their origins and the craftspeople who make them, in our Story.

Small: 5.8cm (h) x 4.2cm (w) x 10cm (l)
Medium: 7.5cm (h) x 5.2cm (w) x 12cm (l)
Large: 11cm (h) x 8cm (w) x 18.5cm (l)

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