Japan House London introduces a carefully selected range of handicrafts created by present-day artists and craftspeople who are keeping alive the many regional manufacturing traditions of Japan. The skills and techniques required to produce crafts such as the ones represented in this collection, have been passed down through generations, highlighting the spirit of mingei – handicrafts made by anonymous creators and celebrated by the Japanese Mingei (Folk Craft) Movement. Presented alongside are tools and kits to assist you in your own practice of monozukuri (craftsmanship).

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Inu Hariko


Inu Hariko are ornaments in the shape of a dog (inu), which in the Edo period (1603–1868 CE) were considered to be a talisman, symbolic of protection particularly for children and family. They are handcrafted using Aizu hariko (papier-mâché) technique of wrapping a wooden mould in washi (Japanese paper) which has been pre-soaked in a mix of glue and chalk. Once dry, the wooden mould is removed and the figure is painted. This particular hariko method is local to the region of Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture.

Size: 8.5cm (h) x 8.0cm (l) x 4.5cm (w)

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Pin cushion
by Iwayado Craft

Indigo embroidered with white thread, £36.00
White embroidered with indigo thread), £36.00

These pin cushions by Iwayado Craft are embroidered using the Sashiko technique, which was historically used to strengthen cloth for warmth and durability. They are hand-stitched with a hemp leaf – asanoha – pattern which belongs to a set of historic Japanese designs. Each pin cushion comes in a lacquered box crafted from Paulownia wood scraps obtained from the company’s production of Iwayado Tansu, ornate chests of drawers.

Size: 57mm (w) x 44mm (h) x 57mm (d)

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Pin cushion making kit
by Iwayado Craft

White fabric with red thread, £29.00

Create your own pin cushion with the instructions and materials provided in the pin cushion making kit by Iwayado Craft. Embroider it with a hemp leaf – asanoha – pattern using the Japanese running stitch technique, Sashiko. Each kit contains instructions in English and Japanese languages, white fabric, embroidery thread in red, batting, the design to be transferred with carbon paper, and a lacquered box. Boxes are crafted from Paulownia wood scraps obtained from the company’s production of Iwayado Tansu, ornate chests of drawers.

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Rice chest
by Iwayado Craft

Small (3kg), £280.00
Medium (5kg), £330.00
Large (10kg), £375.00

Iwayado Craft’s rice chest is handcrafted from paulownia wood, which has been used for storing valuable items for many generations in Japan, due to its antimicrobial and anti-corrosion properties. The material also repels insects and removes excess moisture, making it particularly suitable for storing rice and other grains and pulses. The rice chest is made solely of paulownia wood, without the use of any metal fittings, and the exterior is lacquered with urushi (Japanese lacquer). A sliding top lid allows for easy access to the interior of the chest.

Small: 17cm (w) × 18cm (h) × 25.5cm (d)
Medium: 18cm (w) × 23cm (h) × 31cm (d)
Large: 19.3cm (w) × 31.5cm (h) × 36cm (d)

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Wooden kumiko box
by Sashikan Tategu Kogei

£1,380.00 (sold out)

Three generations of Sashikan Tategu Kogei craftsmen have perpetuated the tradition of kumiko, a wood joinery technique from the Muromachi era (1336–1573 CE). The craft involves cutting complex interlocking patterns into segments of wood and joining them together to form intricate designs, without the use of nails. Historically used to make fittings for windows and doors, the workshop now also uses kumiko to create new products for everyday use like this box.

Size: 6cm (h) x 25.5cm (l) x 33.5cm (w)

Sold out

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