To coincide with a new Library display focusing on ‘LGBT+; Diversity in Manga’, Japan House London is delighted to announce a series of LGBT+ related events commencing 20 May 2019. The events highlight various authors and works which have helped develop manga into a medium for challenging stereotypes and increasing acceptance of LGBT+ community in Japan.

The first event on Monday 20 May, welcomes internationally renowned artist Hagio Moto, considered the founding mother of shōjo manga (manga aimed at girls), in discussion with editor Furukawa Asako. Hagio Moto and her peers - an innovative group of female manga artists who came to prominence in the 1970s - are credited with experimenting with the traditional content of manga, developing popular sub-genres including shōnen-ai, stories featuring love between boys.

Closely following this is a talk on Wednesday 22 May from Japan House book curator Haba Yoshitaka in conversation with artist Tagame Gengoroh, author of ‘My Brother’s Husband’. The discussion is set to focus on Tagame’s ground-breaking work, which details the emotional struggle for gay acceptance in often conservative contemporary Japan.

The ‘LGBT+; Diversity in Manga’ book installation is on display in the Japan House Library from 21 May - 31 August 2019. The manga on display is selected from several different eras, but each work depicts diverse representations of gender and sexuality expression. The selection will be discussed by Japan House’s book curator, Haba Yoshitaka, in a talk on Thursday 23 May.

To coincide with the display ‘My Brother’s Husband’ series, along with a range of other LGBT+ related manga, will be available at The Shop at Japan House. The events lead up to the opening of ‘This is MANGA – the Art of Urasawa Naoki’ exhibition, running from 5 June - 28 July 2019. 

Information for any events, as well as booking information, can be found on our website here



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