World-Class Architects Design For Dogs At Exhibition To Be Unleashed At Japan House London

From 19 September 2020, Japan House will host the internationally acclaimed Architecture for Dogs exhibition. Featuring 16 different designs by world-class architects, each exhibit captures the quality of the relationship between humans and their four legged friends. Japan House will be the first destination in Europe to exhibit Architecture for Dogs with both a physical and virtual experience for guests.

Please take note of captions when downloading images.

Beagle House Interactive Dog House by MVRDV for Beagle. Photo: Hiroshi Yoda.

Wanmock by Torafu Architects for Jack Russell Terrier. Photo: Hiroshi Yoda.

Paramount by Konstantin Grcic for Toy Poodle. Photo: Hiroshi Yoda.

D-Tunnel by Kenya Hara for Teacup Poodle. Photo: Hiroshi Yoda.