• Reporting To: Shop Manager
  • Contract: Fixed term to 31st March 2024, with possibility of renewal
  • Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week, shifts on 5 days out of 7 from Sunday to Saturday
  • Closing Date: 12 December 2022

The Assistant Shop Manager will assist the Shop Manager in the day-to-day operations of The Shop at Japan House London with the ability to assume the store management responsibilities in the Shop Manager’s absence.

You will work closely with the Shop Manager to focus on customer service, staff development, merchandise management, shop administration and operations, whilst ensuring that the store is running at the highest capacity and efficiency levels. You will motivate the Retail Experience Assistant team to provide exceptional standards of retail experience, maintain a positive and safe work atmosphere and drive the achievement of retail team KPIs and sales targets.

You will also support the security presence in all public spaces and ensure that the Health and Safety Policy is adhered to. This will include managing visitor flow, being alert to potential hazards, and responding to a variety of needs, especially by being aware of opportunities to enhance the Japan House London experience for young families, school groups and those with disabilities.



  • Shop Manager
  • Retail Services Manager
  • Retail Experience Team
  • Retail Administration Team
  • Visitor Experience Team
  • Operations department
  • Marketing & Communications department
  • Other members of the Japan House London team


  • Service providers
  • Third-party contractors for FM & Security
  • Food & Beverage Partners
  • Other external service providers


The physical environment of Japan House London is attractive and of high quality, with services, products, attractive retail and catering facilities designed and delivered around the specific needs of visitors. The Assistant Shop Manager will support the Shop Manager and lead the customer experience in The Shop to ensure that customer satisfaction levels are high align with the team performance in line with the Japanese concept of Omotenashi:

“Translated simply, Omotenashi means the Japanese way of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect. The concept is all encompassing. The Japanese language makes no distinction between ‘guest’ and ‘customer.’ In English, the concept of ‘service’ suggests a hierarchy between the ‘server’ and the ‘customer.’ The Japanese Omotenashi, however, is based on a non-dominant relationship between equals – between the person offering the service (the host) and the person receiving it (the guest or customer). To practice Omotenashi, the host pays close attention to detail and is committed to anticipating the needs of the guest, smiling sincerely and setting a happy, relaxed mood. When authentic, Japanese hospitality and service exceed the expectations of the guests. At its most exquisite, Omotenashi offers a guest a once-in-a-life-time experience…”



  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.
  • Other relevant training, licences and certification are advantageous.
  • First Aid training beneficial


  • Proven experience of working in a high-quality brand setting, such as a cultural/ luxury service and selling environment.
  • 3+ years of Retail experience at a level appropriate to the role, to be assessed based on the size and complexity of previous roles. Metrics will include sales turnover and volume and the number and types of roles previously managed.
  • Knowledge and experience of online sales would be beneficial
  • Experience in providing professional leadership and developing a cooperative environment by promoting cross-functional working, identifying areas of opportunity and proactively leading development of plans to realise potential.
  • Market savvy, with strong commercial acumen with experience in interpreting multiple data sources and able to make informed recommendations to improve and enhance trading.
  • The ability and creativity to balance profitability alongside meaningful engagement with authentic Japanese culture.
  • Ability to create a climate where professional learning and personal growth are actively encouraged and valued.
  • Experience with recruiting and performance evaluation processes would be beneficial