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Shared by friends and collaborators of Japan House London, 'Words & Thoughts' is a collection of words, characters or phrases in Japanese which are particularly poignant to them or for our time. 

Sou Fujimoto is one of the most creative and influential Japanese architects today.

He shares his thoughts on: 空 ('kū'/'sora': emptiness, void, sky, air)

"When this kanji is read ‘sora’, it refers to the sky above us. But when read ‘kū’, it instead means ‘emptiness’ or ‘void’. In Japanese culture, emptiness does not necessarily have negative connotations. If there is emptiness, it implies potential, a feeling that something may emerge. It is precisely because it is a void, that it is full of possibilities to evolve in diverse ways. Looking up at the sky, we do not just experience emptiness. We entrust that space with our hopes, we envisage the past and the future, we experience connectedness with people far away. The sky, that ‘empty void’, in fact turns out to be a huge receptacle, replete with the thoughts of humankind."