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Shared by friends and collaborators of Japan House London, 'Words & Thoughts' is a collection of words, characters or phrases in Japanese which are particularly poignant to them or for our time.

Mizuochi Ryoichi is a Japanese razor craftsman from the Sanjo Seisakusho workshop in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture. Recognised as a Master of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese government, Mizuochi contributed to Japan House London’s popular ‘BIOLOGY OF METAL METAL CRAFTSMANSHIP IN TSUBAME-SANJO’ exhibition in 2018. He is one of the last remaining razor craftsmen in Japan.

Mizuochi Ryoichi chose: 美 ('bi'/'utsuku shii': beauty)

"Good products are inherently beautiful. My sensei, the master blacksmith who taught me my trade, used to say that “the width of one hair can make a huge difference to the beauty of a shape”. When I make Japanese razors, I keep to his teachings, and have never compromised even on a hair’s breadth in my pursuit of this goal. Beautiful blades are good, sharp blades. I will always cherish this approach, and constantly strive to make products with a focus on “beauty”."