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Shared by friends and collaborators of Japan House London, 'Words & Thoughts' is a collection of words, characters or phrases in Japanese which are particularly poignant to them or for our time.

Kengo Kuma is a world-renowned contemporary architect.

He shares his thoughts on: 流 ('nagare': flow, manner, method, style)

"Recently I’ve been maintaining my mental balance by pondering on how everything is in flow. A while back, I used to think about points, lines and planes. I tried to break down architecture’s sense of volume – as typified by concrete structures – into points, lines and planes. But deconstructing it in this way is not enough: the breaches born from the deconstruction have to be filled with joyful flows, of wind or of light. How to escape from the box called ‘volume’, how to entrust one’s body to the flow, is for me as much a question of design principles as a vision of society and a personal ideal for life."