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Founded by architect and designer Terada Naoki in 2011, Terada Mokei creates laser-cut paper models. Made to a scale of 1/100, the models explore the potential of modelling in architecture and beyond. These scaled down models of real items are designed to have ‘an essence of reality, stuffed with dreams.’ Terada Mokei believe that when real items are replaced with models, it is possible to create a scaled-down reality, which becomes more vibrant and fun. 

Make your own model

Over 100 different architectural models have been produced by Terada Mokei. The do-it-yourself packs are as small as a postcard. With the detailed instructions you can create your own 1/100 world. Terada Mokei say their goal is to create an enjoyable experience through the process of assembling models and giving them life through our own imaginations. To achieve this, each series has its own characters, a realistic scenario, and vibrant colours to add interest and fun. From squirrels, dogs, cats and elements of nature; to furniture for private and public spaces; office machines and trains; sports and entertainment; everything from our real life is scaled-down with such precision that modelling becomes an easy task, not only for architects but also for miniature lovers.

The importance of scale and colours

In architecture, scale is an important tool for representing reality. Not by replacing it, but adding value or different points of view from the actual object. Models come in a variety of scales. For example, globes are 1/300,000,000 in scale. The 1/100 scale projects originate from the most commonly used scale in architecture, when it comes to architectural building.

In Japanese paintings backgrounds were once commonly painted with a lighter colour ink to create a blur which emphasizes a sense of distance. This is known as ‘atmospheric perspective’. Terada Mokei utilise this technique to increases the realism of the models.

The inspiration

Constructing architectural models on a daily basis for his own clients at TERADA Design Studio, Terada Naoki soon realised that improving the visual aspect of architectural model accessories like people, furniture, trees etc, was as important as the architecture itself. Although models are important to help the client to get acquainted with the project, they often require a ridiculous number of hours to produce. This effort has, therefore, a knock-on effect on the overall length of the project. It is easy to imagine many architects producing these accessories late at night before delivering a project. For this reason, Terada saw the opportunity to mass-produce these models in advance and help his - and many other architects’- working life. This is how the ‘ARCHITECTURAL MODEL ACCESSORIES SERIES’ was born.

Scenes of everyday life

Due to popularity, Terada Mokei soon became the microcosmic representation of everyday life, created by scaling things down and giving them an incredible sense of detail.
Since starting in 2011 the 1/100 ARCHITECTURAL MODEL ACCESSORIES SERIES continues to be quintessential in the modelling field. These unassembled models are painstakingly created and precisely shaped so that, thanks to the instructions, they can easily be assembled by anyone while maintaining excitement throughout the assembling process.

Fun facts

The human silhouette featured in the logo is named ‘Genki-kun’. Representing a human body while adding a quirky sense of fun needed a play on proportion. With the same principle, some of the other figures’ proportions are slightly distorted too.
‘Genki-kun’ has a family. He has a wife ‘Mrs. Genki’, a son ‘Genki Junior’, a daughter ‘Genki-chan’ and a pet ‘Genki Doggy’. Genki-kun and his family are often part of Terada Mokei’s video series.

Available at Japan House London
The Terada Mokei available in The Shop at Japan House London are House (住宅編); Office (オフィス編); Football (サッカー編); Orchestra (オーケストラ編); Rock Star (ロックスター編); Tennis (テニス編) and / Tennis; and ‘Basic’ (基本編), which includes Genki-kun and Genki-san as adults, primary school students, children and infants and infants on bicycles, in wheelchairs, on crutches, using walking sticks, with guide dogs, shopping trolleys and more.

A range of Terada Mokei products are also available to buy on the Online Shop.