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Spotlight on Japanese designer Misawa Haruka

Spotlight on Japanese designer Misawa Haruka Landing page banner

Misawa Haruka is a Japanese designer who is excelling in the fields of graphics, product design and space planning. Born in Gunma, Japan, in 1982, Misawa graduated from Musashino Art University's Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design in 2005, going on to gain experience at the renowned design studio, nendo, and Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center. In 2014, she founded her own studio, the Misawa Design Institute.

In 2018, Misawa Haruka exhibited her work ‘Paper Flower’ in the SUBTLE: Delicate or Infinitesimal exhibition (13 November ‒ 24 December 2018) at Japan House London. To coincide with the exhibition, the designer gave a gallery talk about the inspiration and design process behind her beautiful and delicate creation. Misawa explained that she had been compelled to collect pencil shavings when she noticed how beautiful they were; this led her to experiment with making pencils out of paper to create delicate “flowers” for the SUBTLE exhibition. Watch our interview with Misawa Haruka to hear more about ‘Paper Flower’.

During her time at Japan House London, the designer also led interactive workshops, inviting participants to make paper sange, inspired by her work 'Paper Vehicles of Flight' which was displayed in the original SUBTLE exhibition when it first showed in Tokyo and Osaka. With reference to Buddhist ceremonies during some of which flower petals are scattered, Misawa Haruka’s sange are designed to be scattered from above, to mimic petals falling and floating from a tree.

The designer’s work is on display at Japan House London once again in our latest exhibition Architecture for Dogs (19 September 2020 – 10 January 2021). While at the Hara Design Institute, Misawa designed Pointed T – a floating doghouse made from paper, intended for a Japanese terrier.

Misawa Haruka’s other major works include the visual identity and entrance sign for the retail centre Kitte Marunouchi and promotional materials for the 'UENO PLANET' project at Ueno Zoo. See these projects and more of the designer’s work on the Misawa Design Institute website.