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Japanese Paper by Shikou Shiten

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As part of the celebration of innovative Japanese design during the Prototyping in Tokyo exhibition at Japan House London (16 January-17 March 2019), The Shop displayed a range of products exploring the possibilities of paper by Shikou Shiten, founded by past students of Professor Yamanaka Shunji.  

Shikou Shiten focuses on people’s perspectives to explore the undiscovered possibilities of paper. Through this familiar medium, we present the unique perspectives of three different designers and how they view the world. This project has no rules or themes; each designer was asked to find their own path and arrive at their own conclusions in their inquiry into paper. This is a new place of learning where, through different perspectives, we can find new relationships between people and paper. 

Aramaki Haruka - Artist

Studied at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media & Governance. Aramaki’s work focuses on structure, mechanism, and human perception. She begins a project by thinking of ways to utilize the characteristics of particular materials and structures. She aims to create art that gives rise to a dialogue between people’s preformed impressions and those they form on actually witnessing something for themselves.

Exhibitions include 'Research Portrait 01 Titanium/3D Printing' (2014, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo), 'Measuring' (2015, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT), 'Design Anatomy' (2016, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT), 'Sugata katachi ten (Shapes and Figures)' (2017, Aoyama Spiral), as well as her solo exhibition, 'Ao to aka (Blue and Red)' (2018, Hikarie 8/ aiiiima).

Codama Aya - Art Director/Graphic Designer

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. After working for AWATSUJI design for seven years, Codama founded graphic design agency BULLET Inc. in 2013.
Codama loves working with tangible design including using paper and printing techniques, and has utilized her knowledge of these and her sense of curiosity to design packaging for a variety of food and beverage products. Clothes (packages) that suit us give us pride and confidence, and these are the kind of 'clothes' Codama seeks to create.

Awards include GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, One Show (gold), Pentawards (platinum), Cannes Lions, D&AD (graphite), Red Dot, iF Design Award, and Good Design Award.
Codama also teaches at Tokyo Zokei University

Tatsuno Shizuka - Creative Director / Product Designer

Graduated top of her class in Product & Furniture Design from Kingston University in the UK. After a spell at a design agency, Tatsuno began working independently in 2011, founding Shizuka Tatsuno Studio in 2017. Her product design work focuses on furniture, lifestyle goods, and fashion accessories, and she is involved across various stages from planning to direction and accompanying graphic design. She would like to see more awareness of and progress in 'good manufacturing', and is currently working with local industry on the theme of 'utilizing, sharing, and connecting our strengths.' Tatsuno has received several awards, including ELLE DÉCOR Japan edition’s Young Japanese Design Talents prize in 2016.