Six Native Dogs of Japan

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Discover the six native dogs of Japan with our full series of educational and fun Japanese dog colouring-in worksheets.

Six breeds of dog have been identified as true native breeds of Japan: Shiba Inu, Akita Ken, Hokkaidō Ken, Kai Ken, Kishū Ken and Shikoku Ken. Known as Nihon-ken (lit. ‘Japanese dogs’) the breeds have been designated as living Natural Monuments of Japan (natural features or entities of outstanding or unique value) by the Japanese government.

Download each worksheet below to learn about the origins and characteristics of each of the Japanese native dog breeds and use your knowledge to colour in each dog. Can you write each dog’s name in kanji characters in the correct stroke order?

Shiba square2 Shiba Inu

Akita square8 Akita Ken

HokkaidoKen2 Hokkaidō Ken

KishuKen2 Kishū Ken

Shikoku Inu2 Shikoku Inu

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