Shinkansen and the Legacy of Tokyo 1964

The Tōkaidō ‘New Main Line’ – Shinkansen – was inaugurated on 1 October 1964, just 10 days before the opening of the historic Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, and it was viewed by many as a symbol of Japan’s post-war modernization. 

As part of the program of events in conjunction with the exhibition Tokyo 1964: Designing Tomorrow Japan House London was delighted to look at how the Games have been fundamental to the reshaping of the urban fabric of Tokyo in partnership with the Central Japan Railway Company.

In this event, Ueno Naoyuki, General Manager of Central Japan Railway Company’s London office, explored the history and development of the Shinkansen within the economic and social growth of Japan. He was joined in conversation by Professor Roderick Smith, Emeritus Professor of Railway Engineering at Imperial College London, who offered his perspective on why the railway system has been important in the advancement of Japan in terms of technological achievements and how the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games were a catalyst of change for the whole nation.