Mashiko – The New Generation of Contemporary Ceramic Artists

Located in south east Tochigi Prefecture, Mashiko is regarded as a site of major significance for Japanese ceramics. The local red-brown clay used for Mashiko-ware (Mashiko-yaki) is distinctive to the area and, while the town became associated with the Mingei (Japanese folk craft) movement in the early 20th century, nowadays local artists and crafts people employ a variety of different styles and techniques, combining tradition with a creative, contemporary take.

In this event, Matsuzaki Yuko, curator at the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Arts, explored the recent developments in Mashiko and introduces guests to the new generation of independent potters and artists who are shaping a new identity of Japanese studio pottery. She was joined in conversation by contemporary ceramic artist Takeshita Shikamaru, who established his own pottery kiln and ceramics studio in Mashiko.